Where should I place education on my résumé?

Meredith Lavine, Artfulresumes.com:
If you have been out in the workforce for over two years in the same field, the Education section should typically fall at the bottom of the résumé. The reason for this is that the résumé is a selling tool. There are stats out there that show employers need to see everything about you in the top third of the resume. The top space should be used to provide employers with a snapshot of your capabilities – the summary of qualifications, career highlights, core competencies and the like. Consider that space is at a premium on the résumé and employers are getting flooded with hundreds of them in a give week.

If you are a new or recent graduate, then it is expected to place the Education section at the top under the Objective or Summary statement. Exceptions are sometimes made for career changers. We strongly suggest adding in your GPA (if over a B+ ) and your accomplishments, honors, scholarships and even thesis topics if directly relevant to the position.