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LibGig is a career development and talent acquisition resource dedicated to the library and information management professions.

Recruiting for all staffing requirements


From entry-level to experienced hires to management, LibGig recruiters will find the experience your position requires.


Finding good people for temporary work or special projects is no longer a burden. And for ongoing contract work, consider Library as a Service.


Full-time or part-time, LibGig knows that recruiting employees requires matching for experience, know-how and cultural fit.

Recruiting for all skills and expertise


LibGig will find specialists in taxonomy, metadata, legal research, archiving and any other specific skills.


Need someone to wear many hats? We will find the person who can manage a wide range of information services.


LibGig recruiters have placed people with industry experience across a wide range of sectors, from media to manufacturing to law.


No subject is too arcane for the recruiting experts at LibGig, who have access to the library experts within LAC Group.

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