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Do you help MLIS professionals find jobs?

No, LibGig is a job board and a resource for information professionals to find job opportunities and career advice.

Who do I send my resume to to have it entered into your database?

If you would like LibGig recruiters to keep your resume on file in our searchable database, please complete this form and attach your resume as a PDF or word document. Please include your current address in the body of the email if it is not included in the body of your resume. If you are looking to or are open to relocate, please include that information as well and we will make a note in your file.

I submitted a resume and have not heard back. Is there someone I can follow up with?

Due to the volume of resumes hiring managers receive for a position, they are not able to reach out to every applicant and will only reach out to those who are a potential fit for the position.

Can non-US citizens and individuals located outside of the US apply for remote US positions?

Yes, non-US citizens can apply for remote positions.

Do you help new LIS professionals find internships?

LibGig does not assist new LIS professionals is securing internships. However, a variety of entry-level positions can often be found on our job board.

Do you offer resume review/writing services?

No, LibGig does not offer personalized resume review or resume writing services. LibGig’s blog is an excellent resource for articles with advice, tips and tricks on perfecting your resume. You can browse through our blog.

I received the following error when attempting to upload my resume in .PDF for a position I applied for.

Something went wrong we are unable to update your résumé. Try again or contact us for additional assistance‘.

If you have encountered this error, it is likely that the document you are submitting consists of an image of text instead of actual text and our ATS (application tracking system) is unable to parse your resume. Please ensure that the file you are submitting contains text.

Is it possible for me to email my resume to someone at LibGig?

You can upload a current version of your resume here and we will update it in our database.

At one time, I had a profile on LibGig where I was able to upload and keep my most up to date resume. Does this exist any longer?

We no longer require applicants to maintain an account with us. You can upload a current version of your resume here and we will update it in our database.