How can I get my name out there?

Meredith Lavine,
The market is competitive however, we are fortunate to be in an industry that is driven by the exchange and dissemination of information and general intellectual curiosity. Such favorable conditions are ripe for a subject matter expert to share their knowledge and gain credibility in a casual, yet professional manner. Consider writing articles, blogging or contributing to a community in an area of expertise for which you are passionate to industry publications, trade sites and open forums. Remember the golden rule though, and offer high quality information relevant to the subject matter. There is nothing these groups hate more than being “sold” by a lurker out of the gate. You have to build credibility as a valuable contributor. You can put a link to your site or your email in your auto-signature to indirectly work in your contact information.

Other ways to get your name out there along this same idea is to sit on a panel of a professional conference or volunteer to chair or organize events for a local chapter of a professional organization.