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“What I like most about recruiting is the constant change. I always have my game face on because I never know what I’ll be working on or who I’ll be working with. My recruiting approach is to make sure that both sides get the best experience in the hiring process.”

Christian’s role at LibGig

Along with his business/commercial recruiting responsibilities, Christian specializes in government and proposal recruiting.

About Christian

Christian became a recruiter by seizing an opportunity. He had been working as an administrative assistant when all the recruiters in the department refused to work on a low level position. “I was given a 15-minute crash course in recruiting and access to a database to find candidates, and the rest is history.”

Christian is the newest member of LibGig, joining the company in March 2016. His prior recruiting experience includes Telnet, Inc., which specializes in the global wireless telecommunications industry and STGi, where he was responsible for recruiting a wide array of government agency positions. He is working on a business administration/HR degree at Montgomery County Community College in Germantown, Maryland.

Christian enjoys helping LibGig clients in filling their needs, as well as the candidates in finding the best opportunity for them.