Copywriter/Blogger - LAC Group

Location: USA - Virtual - Remote

LAC Group is looking for remote, freelance Copywriters & Bloggers with experience in any of the following topics: Business, financial and legal research; competitive intelligence; knowledge management; librarianship (special libraries); recruiting and talent management; outsourcing and managed services; film and other media curation and archiving and film preservation; digital asset management; spend management; strategic sourcing and procurement; vendor/supplier management. We prefer monthly availability for writing 2 or 3 articles, with occasional opportunity for bigger projects like reports. 

Working virtually, you will receive assignments to write about the company’s service areas that appeal to the needs of medium-large enterprise decision makers in our target markets of law, business, federal government, finance and media/entertainment. All copyrights and authorship will go to LAC Group.


  • Experience working independently to gather supporting information as needed through online research, interviewing subject matter experts and other means.
  • Ability to write for organizational leaders and decision makers.
  • Ability to write solid, grammatically-correct first drafts for minimal revisioning.
  •  Natural incorporation of keywords for SEO objectives.
  • Must provide published writing examples or other content samples.

LAC Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer / Affirmative Action Employer who values diversity in the workplace.


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