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Assistant Project Manager (Searchers) - LAC Group

Location: USA - VA - Alexandria

LAC Group seeks an Assistant Project Manager (Searchers) for a federal agency located in Alexandria, VA. This is a full-time (40 hours a week; Monday-Friday) benefited contract position. The Assistant Project Manager will assist with the management of one or more projects, tasks or task orders. He/she will provide direction, training, and oversight to assigned work groups.

  • Assist with all activities related to staffing such as recruitment, orientation, training, staff production, counseling, remediation, evaluations and performance appraisals, and voluntary or involuntary separation. 
  • Ensure maximum effectiveness in the use of resources. 
  • Contribute to formal initiatives such as search or training initiatives. 
  • Assist PM and DPM with the development and implementation of plans to address workload spikes. 
  • Communicate client expectations on performance standards to contract staff. Provides motivation/instruction for staff to achieve performance standards. 
  • Assist the PM and the DPM with new initiatives or projects and with the development of innovative management solutions for the client. 
  • Meet routinely with the Government and contract staff. Preparation for, attendance at, and follow-up for these meetings may absorb as much as 50% of the average week. Assists the PM with communicating to the client that new projects or initiatives fall within negotiated level of effort. 
  • Compile and QC all statistical reports. Develops and updates procedural manuals. Provides input for reports and for other deliverables. 
  • Provide input to the PM and the DPM concerning performance standards. 
  • Provide input, planning support and implementation support for marketing and outreach activities and for informal and formal events with client and staff. 
  • Assistant Manager for the agency’s large training program assisting the Project Manager with ensuring that training support is maintained for critical agency programs. 
  • Maintain overall readiness of program members to ensure quality instruction. 
  • Manage the training program, including training for new hires and training for all instructors on new software and systems.
  • Develop and enforce the certification process. 
  • Manage a Knowledge management program to ensure old and new knowledge generated by the program is captured in a meaningful way and is retrievable as a means to transfer knowledge between program members and for new recruits. 
  • Meet routinely with the Government and contract staff. Preparation for, attendance at, and follow-up for these meetings may absorb as much as 50% of the average week. 
  • Assists the PM and DPM with confirming that new projects or initiatives fall with-in LOE (level of effort). Communicates client expectations to contract staff.

  • Master’s degree in Library Science a must. 
  • Must have management, supervisory or relevant leadership experience. 
  • Knowledge of patent searching. 
  • 3 years of search expertise handling complex search requests. 
  • Deep knowledge of searching techniques and resources provided by large commercial database vendors such as Dialog and/or STN.

LAC Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer / Affirmative Action Employer who values diversity in the workplace.


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