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How can I get on my boss’s good side?

Whether you like them or not, your boss is a driving factor when it comes to career advancement. If you’re looking to get another job or promotion within the company, a great letter of recommendation from your boss could be the deciding factor that makes...

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What jobs are in the library vendor community?

Kathleen Schmidt, Recruiter, LAC: There are many exciting career opportunities on the vendor side. Sales positions are generally both lucrative and provide a way of using your library skills in a non-traditional way. Content licensing is a very marketable skill set and in high demand. Vendors...

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How important is continuing education?

Continuing education is critical, particularly in the library and information sciences because most of those roles presuppose a fairly strong technical component. Technology moves at a very rapid pace, and information workers are expected to be ahead of the curve. In addition, workers who are...

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Help me enter a new field or change careers?

Meredith Lavine, Do some honest self-assessment of your skills and interests. This could be done informally or through an assessment such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, or working with a career coach to identify your aptitudes and areasof interest. Here are few things to keep in mind regarding career transition:
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