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Adaptive competence

Your career's competitive edge

If you belong to any of the LIS professional associations (and if you don't, join one now!), you've probably seen discussions about "Core Competencies," otherwise known as those skills and areas of expertise in which all professionals in a specific discipline are expected to excel. For...

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How to relocate your LIS career

No packing required

Experts estimate that 80% of Americans moving to a new location do so between May and September. "A lot of our clients see staff turnover during this time of year which, fortunately, we can help with," confirmed Brad Rogers, Director of Recruiting and Client Services...

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How can I show I’m ready for more responsibility?

In almost every office, there are ‘lucky’ employees given formidable projects like setting up a new department or coming up with strategies for re-branding the company. Then, of course, there are those assigned to do the so-called grunt work such as alphabetizing clients’ files, updating suppliers’...

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What are some easy ways to impress my boss?

Some of us spend our days working side-by-side with our supervisors (hello, open floor plans), but some of us only get to see the higher powers every once in a while. No matter how much time you spend with ’em, it’s only natural to want to stay on their good...

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What can I do to feel happier in my job?

Job” and “joy” have one letter between them, but for many they’re like chalk and cheese, oil and water, or snakes and mongooses. And yet people do experience joy in their work. They’re the people who regale you with tales of how much they love what...

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Why am I not getting promoted?

Have you ever felt stuck at your job? You know, when you feel like you aren’t moving forward in your current position, but you know you’d excel if awarded a promotion.  When promotion season enters your office, it can be an exciting yet stressful time....

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How can I get on my boss’s good side?

Whether you like them or not, your boss is a driving factor when it comes to career advancement. If you’re looking to get another job or promotion within the company, a great letter of recommendation from your boss could be the deciding factor that makes...

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