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Cover letter speak their language

Translating LIS skills for potential hiring managers

Make sure your cover letter’s speaking their language

Non-library jobs for information professionals continue to expand, but in order to take advantage of these opportunities, it’s usually necessary to “translate” your LIS skills into language that makes sense to potential hiring managers. Assume the average non-librarian, for example, might be stumped by such...

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Find a job

New LIS jobs

How to find them

Maybe you’ve heard about jobs that need LIS skills and training that people always seem to refer to, but you’re not sure just what those jobs might be or how to find them. The good news is that there are actually some practical ways to learn...

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Why your business needs a librarian

And average salaries for various LIS information skill sets

When did it occur to you that your business needs a librarian? It may have been when you realized that you’re not managing all those digital assets your company has been creating, and losing track of. Or perhaps the legal department has been increasingly concerned...

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Technologies librarians need to know

Current and emerging library technology trends in 2017

Trying to get a handle on what library technologies LIS professionals need to know can be a challenge, as both the tasks that librarians are taking on – and the tools they’re using to do them – seem to be changing daily. Nevertheless, it’s especially important...

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Launching your library / MLIS career?

Ideas for blending millennials with experienced librarians

It’s been said of the LIS profession that we sometimes have a tendency to “eat our young.” If you’ve recently launched your LIS career, you may be experiencing this. Perhaps you’ve been ignored in meetings, or had your ideas dismissed, or encountered a few too many...

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