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Technologies librarians need to know

Current and emerging library technology trends in 2017

Trying to get a handle on what library technologies LIS professionals need to know can be a challenge, as both the tasks that librarians are taking on – and the tools they’re using to do them – seem to be changing daily. Nevertheless, it’s especially important...

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Launching your library / MLIS career?

Ideas for blending millennials with experienced librarians

It’s been said of the LIS profession that we sometimes have a tendency to “eat our young.” If you’ve recently launched your LIS career, you may be experiencing this. Perhaps you’ve been ignored in meetings, or had your ideas dismissed, or encountered a few too many...

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How can I show I’m ready for more responsibility?

In almost every office, there are ‘lucky’ employees given formidable projects like setting up a new department or coming up with strategies for re-branding the company. Then, of course, there are those assigned to do the so-called grunt work such as alphabetizing clients’ files, updating suppliers’...

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What are some easy ways to impress my boss?

Some of us spend our days working side-by-side with our supervisors (hello, open floor plans), but some of us only get to see the higher powers every once in a while. No matter how much time you spend with ’em, it’s only natural to want to stay on their good...

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What can I do to feel happier in my job?

Job” and “joy” have one letter between them, but for many they’re like chalk and cheese, oil and water, or snakes and mongooses. And yet people do experience joy in their work. They’re the people who regale you with tales of how much they love what...

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