Help me enter a new field or change careers?

Meredith Lavine,
Do some honest self-assessment of your skills and interests. This could be done informally or through an assessment such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, or working with a career coach to identify your aptitudes and areasof interest. Here are few things to keep in mind regarding career transition:

1) Keep a very open mind. Be honest and yet be willing to thwart self-limiting beliefs. It helps to believe that this new career path is your true passion and there is nothing that can stop you from making a successful change.
2) Have a willingness to once again become the student and take the time to acquire the appropriate skills to advance in your new career
3) Be open to starting over and working up. Remember, that as an experienced worker, your learning curve will be flatter and you will make faster progression than when you first started out.
4) Get the facts – interview people and ask if you can shadow them or volunteer. Try the new career on for size first.