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Compensation for LIS jobs remains a popular topic within the profession, especially at this time of the year, as new MLIS graduates are preparing to enter the job market.

When considering a job’s fit, it’s important to remember all the considerations that matter to you:

  • Possibility for long-term, fulfilling employment versus an option to gain a few years of experience and build you professional network.
  • Life-work balance, including everything from commuting time to flexible work options.
  • Of course, compensation.

When assessing compensation, make sure you consider everything, not just salary. Add in benefits like on-the-job training, 401k plans and health insurance. And know what the salary ranges and total compensation packages are for library science positions to better prepare for negotiating based on your education, skills and experiences. Here is our updated compilation of resources and information about LIS salaries and compensation based on 2019 data.

Katy Davis

Katy Davis

Katy is responsible for supporting LibGig's recruiting department and recruiting for library and information management positions in the legal, federal, media, corporate, and academic sectors.
Katy Davis
Katy Davis

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