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Senior Data Engineer - Wilson Allen

Location: USA - Virtual - Remote

Wilson Allen is seeking a Senior Data Engineer to join our growing team! The Senior Data Engineer is experienced in data extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL), and applies a high-level of knowledge and experience to ensure client satisfaction by managing medium to large-scale data migration projects with a moderate degree of complexity. The individual leads by example and applies best practices based on a high-level of experience within the field. This is a remote position that can be worked from anywhere in the US or Canada.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Provide design, and architecture expertise for delivering client integrations
  • Understand, develop, and implement integrations with a variety of systems including AD, Microsoft SQL Server Systems, flat files, XML files, and APIs on behalf of clients
  • Develop, test, and support Microsoft SQL queries, Intapp Integrate rules, and Boomi processes to perform ETL functions during project implementations
  • Provision Boomi ATOMS and troubleshoot on-prem resource access
  • Deliver new integrations as both a technical resource for configuration and a functional resource working closely with client teams
  • Perform maintenance activities for our client integrations, including troubleshooting and resolving issues
  • Be responsible for the overall integration strategy and rationalization of integrations
  • Populate cloud-hosted systems using REST and SOAP services
  • Work closely with clients to roll out new software solutions that contain their sensitive data
  • Assists other team members as needed
  • Consistently maintains > 75% of time spent on client-billable projects

Education and Experience:
  • BS/BA degree in a relevant field or equivalent combination of education and experience
  • 5+ years in a customer-facing role with significant responsibilities
  • 5+ years working specifically with Dell Boomi or similar integration tools (preferred)
  • 5+ years working with implementations in the Legal industry (preferred)
  • Deep understanding of data models and integration technologies like REST, SOAP, (S)FTP, HTTP(S), JSON, and XML
  • A high level of integration architecture, design, and documentation skills
  • Ability to learn new tools, languages, and operating systems with some training and on-the-job experience
  • Intermediate experience with Dell Boomi
  • Knowledge of Java, JavaScript, and/or Groovy is preferred
  • Competent in the following areas: problem solving, customer-focus, communication, collaboration, organizational support, quality focus, and punctuality
  • Authorized to work in country of residence without restriction or sponsorship

Physical Requirements:
Prolonged periods at a desk and working on a computer. Work occasionally requires a high level of mental effort and strain when performing a high volume of tasks and performing other essential duties. Work occasionally requires more than normally scheduled work hours to perform the essential duties of the position.

Competencies Explained:
Problem Solving/Critical Thinking: Resolves problems in a timely manner; gathers and analyzes information skillfully; doesn’t stop at the first answer, investigates the issue thoroughly. Gathers information from a variety of sources to reach a conclusion. Distinguishes between critical and irrelevant pieces of information. Identifies critical connections and patterns in information/data. Soundly analyses verbal and numerical data. Recognizes causes and consequences of actions and events that are not readily apparent. Anticipates and thinks ahead about next steps.

Customer Focus: Acts with customers in mind; dedicated to meeting and exceeding internal and external customer expectations. Clearly shows customers that their perspectives are valued. Strives to consistently meet service standards. Proactively identify potential customer sentiment challenges. Follows-up with customers during and after the delivery of services to ensure that their needs have been met. Keeps customers up to date on the progress of the service they are receiving and changes that affect them. Ensures service is provided to customers during critical periods. Prioritizes customers’ issues and addresses them accordingly.

Communication: Listens to the needs of each customer and clearly shares their needs with the appropriate group. Provides timely and engagement appropriate communications to keep internal and customer teams informed. Demonstrates a practical understanding of organizational functions, roles, and communication requirements to enable effective customer engagement. Checks own understanding of others' communication (e.g. paraphrases, asks questions). Maintains continuous, open, and consistent communication. Consistently demonstrates active listening. Draw on customer and internal team insights to develop effective communication strategies to build customer engagement. Builds on successful initiatives to gain support for ideas. Adapts arguments to others' needs/interests.

Collaboration: Balances team and individual responsibilities; provides and welcomes constructive feedback; contributes to the group with a positive attitude. Initiates collaboration with others and spontaneously assists others in the delivery of their work. Shares all relevant information with others and seeks others' input. Expresses own opinion while remaining factual and respectful. Supports others in taking independent action. Resolves issues that occur with minimal direction. Invites and builds upon the ideas of others. Assumes additional responsibilities to facilitate the achievement of team goals.

Organizational Support: Completes tasks accurately and on time; follows policy and procedure guidelines. Demonstrates understanding of the general environment in which the Organization operates. Understands and uses the Organization's structures, rules, and networks. Knows and respects the Organization’s Code of Conduct and values. Is able to explain how own work relates to the work of the Organization. Shares knowledge about and encourages others to keep up to date with the Organization’s rules, structures, networks, systems, and environment. Recognizes what is and is not acceptable/possible at certain times given the organizational rules, structures, decision making bodies, power relationships, Code of Conduct, and values. Is able to present the Organization's priorities as they relate to own area of work. Explains and convinces others of the need for adaptation and change of policies, structures, and methods.

Quality Focus: Demonstrates accuracy and thoroughness with tasks; applies feedback to improve performance. Defines ambitious, but realistic, personal goals. Works while meeting quality and performance standards. Promptly and efficiently completes work assignments. Demonstrates the ability to challenge existing practices to become more effective. Contributes to improve work methods, outcomes, and team performance. Generates results by acting in a focused way and within the deadlines and finds ways to navigate obstacles with minimum guidance. Makes efforts to optimize process workflows efficiently using technology.


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