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Location: USA - DC - Washington DC

LAC Group is seeking a Library Technician to work at a major Federal library in the Washington, DC area. The Library Technician will be responsible for providing greater access to the rare book collection the Law Library. This position requires contractor assistance for inventory tasks to support tracking, inventory control, and overall security for the collection items that will be shelved.  This position requires that work be performed on site. This is a 1 year (40 hours a week; Monday to Friday) benefitted contract position. 


  • Create Initial Bibliographic Control (IBC) records, holding and item records, pin & linking monographs and serials to facilitate piece identification of volumes
  • Create labels for individual items and quality review of records created.  
  • Transfer materials from multiple locations in the Adams and Madison buildings to their workstations. 

  • One (1) year recent library technician experience 
  • Broad subject knowledge and experience with bibliographic catalog records
  • Experience with an Integrated Library Systems (especially Voyager) in creating, editing, and search bibliographic records
  • Experience searching library catalog databases such as OCLC or Voyager
  • Familiarity with LC Classification, AACR2, and MARC as well as familiarity with RDA and DCRM(B)
  • Familiarity or knowledge of one or more Romance and other European languages is a plus
  • Tasks to be completed require physical stamina and agility and attention to detail, including:
    • Continuous standing, walking, lifting, bending and stooping to retrieve, re-shelve, shift, and update collections or to adjust shelves and move books from one location to another
    • Pushing/pulling fully loaded book trucks weighing up to 300 pounds
    • Loading and unloading wire baskets or carts with books and unbound materials
    • Balancing on step ladders while pulling, moving, or re-shelving materials on the top shelves
    • Sorting materials in general category order and distributing these materials onto sorting shelves for further arranging
    • Arranging materials on book trucks (in item-specific call number order) from the sorting shelves or distribution trucks
    • Shelving materials of various sizes, weight, and quantities
    • Using hand-wheels to access compact shelving ranges if applicable

LAC Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer / Affirmative Action Employer who values diversity in the workplace.


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