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Library Director IV - Tompkins County Public Library

Location: USA - NY - Ithaca

There is currently one anticipated vacancy in the title of Library Director IV located at the Tompkins County Public Library. The eligible list resulting from this training and experience examination may be used to fill all appropriate full-time, part-time, and/or temporary vacancies that may occur during the life of the eligible list. The training and experience examination is being run in conjunction with the Library Director vacancy posting.


  • Graduation from an ALA Accredited school or program with a graduate degree in library or information studies AND possession of, or eligibility for, a New York State Public Librarian’s Professional Certificate AND eight years of satisfactory professional library experience in a library of recognized standing, two years of which must have been in an administrative capacity.
  • Administrative experience shall include but not be limited to at least two activities such as institutional planning, organizing, budgeting, communicating or any other experience that would be considered qualifying as determined by the Commissioner of Personnel.
  • Tompkins County is Committed to Equity and Inclusion. We encourage those with similar values to apply.

This is a professional leadership position under the general direction of the Board of Trustees. The Library Director has overall responsibility for carrying out the goals and objectives of the Tompkins County Public Library and for supervising its professional librarians and support staff. This responsibility includes the management of annual and long range planning, service delivery, comprehensive programs, government relations, public and community relations, physical facilities, fiscal affairs, resource development, personnel and labor relations, and compliance with all laws and regulations. The incumbent also ensures that the library goals and objectives reflect the library’s strategic plan, including its mission statement and the needs of populations to be served, and that these goals and objectives are communicated to the library’s public. The incumbent performs all related duties as required.


  • Develops, implements, and periodically evaluates a multi-year strategic plan which addresses the library’s mission and strategic direction;
  • Develops and reviews annually a plan for the delivery of programs and services which matches the resources of the library with the goals and objectives in the strategic plan;
  • Directs and holds accountable the senior staff to achieve the financial and program objectives in the plan;
  • Provides for sound fiscal management of the library, develops an annual operating and capital budget for consideration by the Board of Trustees, and manages expenses in relation to established goals;
  • In cooperation with the Tompkins County Public Library Foundation and the Friends of the Tompkins County Public Library, coordinates efforts to secure maximum available revenue through government and private funding grants and fund raising;
  • Is accountable to the Board of Trustees through its designated officers and committee chairs, recommending policies and procedures to the Board as appropriate;
  • Attends meetings of the Board and its Committees and informs the Board of significant fiscal, program, personnel and other management matters;
  • Prepares reports and other information pertinent to decision making requirements of the Board -regarding policy and other related activities;
  • Assists with orientation of new Board trustees;
  • Promotes effective public and community relations with funders, library users, media representatives, and the community;
  • Promotes effective relations with the Tompkins County Public Library Foundation and the Friends of the Tompkins County Public Library;
  • Directs a coordinated approach to the development of the library’s image;
  • Serves as the primary representative and spokesperson of the library;
  • Directs the formulation, interpretation and administration of the personnel policies and practices for the library, within the context of the Civil Service Law, rules and regulations and negotiated labor-management agreements;
  • Recruits, hires, supervises and evaluates the performance of staff directly supervised, provides appropriate disciplinary action, when necessary, and oversees these activities for all other staff;
  • Establishes a warm friendly atmosphere that welcomes diversity in all ways;
  • Develops and maintains a positive and progressive staff development program for all staff;
  • Cultivates a positive labor-management environment;
  • Develops a close working relationship with local, state and national elected officials;
  • Demonstrates a sense of humor combined with customer service attitude and skills;
  • Creates a positive work environment for all staff and volunteers and provides a welcoming atmosphere for library patrons.


  • Comprehensive knowledge of issues facing libraries today as well as modern library services, programs and administrative practices;
  • Thorough knowledge of budgeting and financial management practices;
  • Thorough knowledge of applications of computer technology to library operations, budgets, services and programs;
  • Ability to draft, propose, administer, evaluate and revise library policies;
  • Ability to provide for an effective staff development and training program for all library staff and volunteers;
  • Ability to plan, lay out and coordinate the work of all library departments, delegating responsibility when appropriate;
  • Ability to work effectively with national, state and local leaders, particularly the elected officials and leaders of Tompkins County;
  • Ability to evaluate situations, interact with people easily and participate effectively in the cultural and intellectual activities of the community;
  • Ability to express oneself clearly and concisely both orally and in writing;
  • Initiative in making constructive suggestions for improvements in services and book collections; Tact, courtesy, and good judgment; and The employee’s physical condition shall be commensurate with demands of the position.

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