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Legal Instrument Examiner - LAC Group

Location: USA - MD - Beltsville

LAC Group is seeking a Legal Instruments Examiner to support a large federal agency located in Beltsville, MD. The Examiner reviews legal documents for compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and policies. The ideal candidate has ample experience working with license agreements and demonstrated knowledge of licensing legal requirements. Must be comfortable tracking payment deadlines and following up on outstanding issues as the main point of contact. This is a full-time, on-site position with benefits.

  • Maintains the current status of multiple license records to assure that reports and payment deadlines are met by the licensees.
  • Gathers information, data, reference, signed documents, etc., to keep files and license database updated.
  • Responsible for tracking license reports and payment deadlines using physical records, license database and internal tracking systems. Prepares and sends reminders and notices to licensees as needed.
  • Serves as the point of contact on issues (e.g., late royalty payments, missing reports, revisions to the terms of the license agreement, etc.) related to the license agreement.
  • Refers request from licensees to amend the terms of license agreements to the Business Licensing Officer and Compliance Specialist.
  • Verifies the accuracy of license revenue, net sales reports and payment amounts from licensees. Calculates applicable late fee charges and applies it to outstanding license revenue amount.
  • Calculates the appropriate disbursement of license revenues to inventors including the calculation of distributions to inventors.
  • Provides the compliance specialist the status of all license revenue that has been received and not been disbursed to inventors. Consults with the Compliance Specialist on difficult and complex situations.
  • Maintains pending and active license files and ensures that such files conform to the specified legal format and contains all the required documents.
  • Reviews and updates data and information in the License subsystem when necessary.
  • Collects data and generates reports from license database while maintaining the confidentiality of licensees’ business information.
  • Responds to inquiries from licensees concerning report and payment status and clarification of license terms.
  • Works with the Foreign Patent Specialist to ensure proper billing of licensees for reimbursement for U.S. patent prosecution costs, maintenance fees, and associates foreign patent filing.
  • Assists the Office Assistant with receiving, routing, and handling incoming calls and incoming mail and provides technical guidance and advice for handling licenses situations.
  • This position may perform other duties as assigned by the Business Licensing Officer or other Management Staff.

  • Expertise and experience in the applicable functional area required,
  • Must be a citizen of the United States
  • Ability to use the programs, processes, and procedures discussed in the statement of work.
  • Standard security clearances may be required for contractor staff. The specifics of the clearance may differ between agencies and shall be specified in the call.

LAC Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer / Affirmative Action Employer who values diversity in the workplace.


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